Wednesday, August 4, 2010

my verdict on new boutique gizzy & nacho

I missed a few exciting things whilst I floated about in my wedding/excel/admin daze. One of these was the launch of online fashion store Gizzy & Nacho. Luckily they invited me to their showroom to see the new arrival of Aussie label Style Stalker. I wasn't sure what I thought from the website, but the showroom was another matter. I was in and out of the changing room about 20 times, drooling at all the fab dresses and calculating how much my hideous tax bill was.

Don't tell the husband (notice he graduated from "the boy") but I came away with this gorgeous Style Stalker nautical top which Sienna modelled for me, a long striped dress, silk shorts and a romper suit. Whoops. I am still craving the off the shoulder floral dress (below) and the yummy one shoulder dress in blue. They have a great selection of work gear, Friday night outfits, some casual, but still very stylish, weekend attire and gorgeous vests and t-shirts which hang glamly (love that new word). Definitely pop down there, the owner Laura is just lovely.

oh and these wafty shorts are just like the ones I was banging on about on Tuesday...

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