Friday, December 19, 2014

self portrait - a london label to love

If you are still in search of a party outfit you might just love Self Portrait. I keep sending my clients in their direction and they are loving the meshy bits, the showy but not showy panels (both highly technical terms ;) ) and midi lengths. New Yorkers haven't caught onto this London label yet, although since featuring them here there has been a lot of buzz. Self Portait sells at Asos and there are a few in the sale….have a great weekend x

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

wish list

If your slightly unorganised husband/boy/partner/parent/cat hasn't been shopping for you yet you might want to forward a few of these wish list items on…

fluffy sandals - & Other Stories 
heart clutch - asos
 cashmere leopard onesie...oh yes - Marks and Spencer
magic cream for hungover faces - Charlotte Tilbury
cute studs - Tiny Armour on Etsy 
cosy chalet socks - Woolrich
this tea cup - Yvonne Ellen Etsy
a diamond disc - Erica Tanov or honey bee stacking rings - Silver May
cheetah booties -  Loeffler Randall  
round sunglasses - Illesteva
bucket bag - Helmer or this one - J Crew
boob lamp - Jonathan Adler 
always love navy cashmere - Uniqlo
gorgeous pics of your little people - Coral Garlick
this raisin lip sheer - Beauty Counter or this Burning Love Lipgloss - Nars
embroidered jacket - Zara 
more grey skinnies - Frame

Monday, December 15, 2014

everyone in new york is wearing…

I can't stop posting black and white pics. Anyway, I've seen a lot of culottes at Christmas parties these past few weeks, they look amazing and are great for impromptu lunging/dancing. Obviously. I wore my jumpsuit one with feathers. Someone thought it was Celine but they were probably very drunk. Another friend had a Tibi pair and another girl wore hers with pop socks and cool pointy pumps….lovely. What I really had my eye on though was the leather bow my hairdresser wore (Mai at Bumble & Bumble downtown, amazing colorist), she always always wears black and was rocking this large leather bow around her neck. Great idea, a twist on the 70s blouse look which was all over the catwalks. You could add it to a simple grey t-shirt and wear with skinny trousers or a big skirt like this one (worn by Alex at The Frugality), found these ones on etsy. Great Christmas day outfit?

Friday, December 12, 2014

lola & syd and 5 styling tips for new mothers

Meet Sally and Hugh. Sal is a great friend from my HK days. Now back in Australia she's relaunched her much loved boutique Lola & Syd, added styling services and a gorgeous children's range. 

I miss drinking wine with her so much….anyway...she's kindly given us some styling tips for new mothers. Sal is someone who always manages to look very cool without trying too hard so I would listen in…oooooh and its FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE until Sunday with the code SSFreeShip. I NEED this clutch. Too many capitals I know. 

The early days of motherhood aren’t easy. You’re tired, have an in between body that’s not pregnant but not how is used to be, leaking boobs if you’re breastfeeding, no time or inclination to do your make up and even less to do your hair (Sal - I never did my hair before babes ;)) 

But after sitting round in your pyjamas and breastfeeding singlets for the first few weeks, there comes a time when you realize you’ll feel a lot better if a) get dressed, and b) make a little effort. Here are 5 top tips to get you started...

Clothing - Look for easy to care fabrics that can go in the machine and that will wear well. Ironing is the enemy when you have small children so avoid pieces that crease easily.  It’s worth investing in good maternity bras as they provide a better shape. Also, stretchy singlets are very handy and can work on their own or as layers in the winter months. Look for styles with thicker straps – maternity bra straps are not attractive so best not to have them on show. If you’re breast feeding separates are best (with the exception of the shirt dress – see below). Maternity jeans are your best bet in the early months so it’s worth investing in a pair you love in your pregnancy.  Leggings are fabulous for winter, and shorts and skirts with elastic waists (there are quite a few around at the moment) are good for summer months.

The Shirt dress - This personally saved me in my early months of motherhood! They are perfect for breastfeeding, can be belted, are great with flats and some simple earrings, or can be glammed up with heels and a big necklace (for the time you actually get to go out at night!). They suit almost everybody. Choose lightweight cotton for hotter months. Denim works well in cooler months and you can layer over the top with sweaters and boots. 

Accessories - The best bet in early months is keep clothing simple and classic and use accessories to add an edge. Bangles can be difficult when constantly holding and feeding a baby in the early months so it’s best to look for earrings and statement necklaces to liven up your outfits. Bangles can be introduced when bub is a little older and starts pulling at your necklaces! My little one will play with my resin bangle collection for hours! 

Buy a REALLY good concealer and a VERY bright lipstick - It’s no secret you don’t get much sleep with a newborn so a great concealer to hide those dark circles is a must. I find Bobbie Brown the best but try to fit in a visit to a department store to find one that suits you. While you’re there, make a bee line for a bright lipstick. Gone are the days when you have half an hour to apply a full face of makeup. If you have a good base, mascara, and a bright lip then you look polished and it takes under 5 minutes! I love Mac lippies - favourites at the moment are Morange and Impassioned, but there a ton to choose from so try a few and see what suits!

Have a great bag that you love - Nappy bags serve their purpose and while there are many great style out there now I have always preferred to use a stylish handbag that can hold all the necessities and work as both a stylish accessory and holdall for baby paraphernalia. Look for something lightweight – neoprene, cotton and canvas are great options. Also, zip pouches work well for containerizing things like nappies, wipes, a change of clothes and bottles.

Monday, December 8, 2014

furry pom poms feathers and sequins

There's something about this time of year which makes me throw on feathers, fur, sequins, pom poms and glitter. All together. Yep. I spied these pom pom clip-ons by Cheeky Poppins (would make a great gift), these naughty jumpers, a sequin mini, an embellished clutch, some fluff (as worn above by Lucy) and I am hunting down this midnight blue gilet/vest... 

Thursday, December 4, 2014

stylish boys clothes

My little man just turned two…eeeeeek!!! I was chatting to a (cool :)) Mum at toddler group the other week, she's just had a baby boy and is struggling for non-naff clothes…so I made a list…

(and yes I totally know its bonkers to spend loads so I buy in sales or buy larger sizes) 

zara for leggings and shirts (etsy can throw up some great leggings too) 
h&m for skinny trousers (especially with suspenders), shorts and basic tops
gap for basic plain tops, sweatshirts
 little titans for great tights (buy big and they last two winters)
I love cyrillus 
la coqueta kids for an old fashioned look (their navy coat is gorgeous) and cute shoes
hambro & miller for the most amazing knitwear
j crew warm puffy jackets
krochet kids hats for a good cause
billie blooms bloomers
the little white company for pjs, sleeping bags, knitwear, dungarees, hats
sun-san sandals for summer or bensimon or toms 
cos can be great and is opening in new york
egg for seersucker summer shorts 
minnetonka for the cutest booties 
some other brands to look at: rylee and cru | whistle and flute | seed | of one sea 

also check these blogs for inspiration: little spree | mini style blog 

*image via bodie & fou 

Monday, December 1, 2014

animal print trousers by zara

I got so many comments on these Zara trousers in the summer, they were more leopardy than the ones above but the same slouchy cool style. This pair landed earlier in the week. If you gobbled too much this weekend they have an elasticated waist. Whoop! 

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