Monday, November 16, 2009

foxy cardigans

Officially freezing in Honkers. Time to get out the tights, cashmere and UGGs. And your foxy Cardigans. It must be an English thing, we barely leave the house without a trusty Cardi, just in case the weather changes dramatically on the way to Waitrose. I love them and I don't think they are granny-ish or boring. I bought two recently, one long, slim cashmere one from M&S (as shown). It makes me feel like a cosy bunny and looks great over leggings/tights teamed with boots and a bit of bling jewellery or a colourful belt. The other is a short fitted cream one, it is trimmed with crystals and is perfect for brightening up your basics. I dug it out of a cardboard box in one of my fave shops Magic Wardrobe (I also managed to buy a a little black dress with feathers on the bottom...very frou frou and I am predicting a lot of frou frou feather action this coming year). Magic Wardrobe is at Shop 74, 1/F, Tower 2, Admiralty Centre and also under the stairs at Western Market. P.s Look out for me in the FT Business Travel Guide out tomorrow!!!!

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