Friday, November 20, 2009

friday500 girl guide

I was a Girl Guide once, not a great one, but I rocked the blue shirt dress as it went with my eyes. The motto is of course, be prepared, or maybe that was the Scouts. Whatever. So for two weeks we are going to save our Friday500's to make 1000 smackeroooonies to put towards something stunning. We will then pooootle along to this exclusive trunk show at The Upper House. A first for Hong Kong, Anna Trzebinski will be showing her beautiful designs, which are handmade in Kenya. Not to be missed are the pashmina stoles with feather trims (see, told you, frou frou is here to stay). Pick your frou from Ostrich (pink, white), Guinea Fowl (white) or Flamingo (light green). She will also have scarves, suede bags, chokers and much more. I'll be there on Thursday 3rd, see you then xx

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