Friday, October 17, 2008

shopping with mother

It was like herding cats. Bless. I took her, and her friend Pauline to the Pedder Building (Pedder Street above Shanghai Tang), then up to the Grand Progress Building (15-16 LKF) to mooch around, then to The Lanes off Queen's Road Central, where they were quite uncontrollable in Sam Wo Leather store, a pit stop in Rabeanco and on to Stanley market. Pauline bought five handbags and five belts. What an accessories junkie! Mother spent seven hours in a pashmina stall in Stanley as she couldn't decide what colour to have (she owns around ten already) and then we stumbled into the linen shop Vivid (58 Stanley Main Street) which is a mummy type place but I did find a few nice cropped linen jackets (almost Kate Moss leather style but cooler in he HK climate) and some great Alibaba style trousers which are coming back in.

My advice to anyone taking mother shopping in HK is this:

1 - wear comfortable shoes
2 - do the haggling for them, its saves so much time
3 - write out the exchange rate for them prior to the shopping expedition, but also bring a calculator for any emergency discussions
4 - drink lots of coffee
5 - breathe

Love you Yummy Mummy xxxx

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