Wednesday, November 5, 2008

glamorous OAPs

It's been a while, but not long enough for me to actually become an OAP. I do love them though. Amazing wedding recently and the most glamorous OAPs you have ever seen, they did this thing on the junk called the "double swimsuit look". Basically you bring one swimsuit (and they wear swimsuits because really you should stop wearing bikinis over 50, sorry but it's true) for going in the water and then one swimsuit for getting out and posing. Isn't that fabulous? No clingy droopy costumes post swim in manky HK water, just a pristine new look and you are glammed up for the junk trip home. OAPs know these things. I also love the way they are so glam when they go shopping in Waitrose and how they wear grey and black and sometimes grey hair and then they have shots of colour bursting from jewels or bags or scarves. They really rock AND they get cheap tickets on the Star Ferry as well as getting in for only HK$10 at the Football Club pool. Lucky old them.

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