Thursday, October 9, 2008

pre and post lunch fashion

I had a storming idea today. Do you ever get that slight bulge after lunch when you wear a very sexy cinched-in belt? OK, that's just me then. Until around 3pm my tummy is almost washboard, come mid-afternoon and the the bulge appears around the gorgeous gold belt. Easy....remove belt....ahhh and breathe...and slip on enormous Marni esque necklace to create an entirely different look to last all evening, when you are bound to drink and eat even more. Both items can be hidden in your handbag and you will look like a fashion guru. Gosh I think I need a medal for that one.

p.s I went to Pocket Venus and bought three dresses - absolutely divine. I now can't eat buy anything for the next three years.


XTwatler said...

Hey SS! Is that sale still on? Post up your purchases! We wanna see! Lots of love Miss X xxx

xtwatler said...

Ps... Love that plan.... I will take you up on it! Alternatively just buy a big pair of granny pants to hold yourself in!

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