Thursday, November 22, 2007

a retail explosion

Well who would have thought I'd be writing that title a year ago. Ted Baker has just moved into Pacific Place. Whilst not my first port of call for clothing they do have some great winter dresses (Aneeka and Mimmi are gorgeous) perfect for the awkward December wedding, 78 millionth black tie do and the hideous office party. Gosh, do I sound stroppy? Sorry, on a lighter note poke your nose into some gems along Staunton Street. My advice is to book dinner for about 8pm at Tribute or Chez Patrick and then head up there at 7.15, give yourself an hour of boyfriend free browsing and then rock up and say the traffic was AWFUL!!! Newcomers include Mint & Lemongrass at number 32, stocking designery dresses, knitwear and coats. Present at 41 has yummy lace and silk slinky undies in gorgeous colours and Elements up at 61 has cute knitwear and fab bright velvet clutches which make ideal Christmas presents. An uber fashionable friend (who claims to have an allergy to shopping) recommended Select 18, a vintage store further down on the left, past the Aberdeen Street turning. It reminds me of a Notting Hill Boutique. They were asleep when I popped by, so make sure you call first (91273657 or 93106168). If you want more go to trusty Tiare at 53, for fab US labels and squirt on some of their baby spray (trust me), and then try on every single pair of jeans at Indigo at 32. Now hot foot it to dinner and smile sweetly.

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