Wednesday, November 28, 2007

shopping with the strange species

There are three key rules to making this successful. Speed, price and ego stroking. Make sure it is not a Saturday, and enlist a good shop assistant who works fast, the male attention span is short and you need to be quick. Remember this is like buying groceries to them, a necessity, not a pleasure. I suggest you go somewhere mid range price wise. Zara is perfect, they have modern clothes erring on trendy but are not too expensive. Men don't understand brands or designer price tags. Encourage them to understand fabric and texture and don't be offended when they shout "gay" at 75% of the items you put in front of them. Regularly shout "can we have this in extra large please". They love it. Tell them what to wear with what, colour matches etc, this is not patronising to men, it is factual. Last, but not least, congratulate them on the fabulous purchases which will make them look like a GOD. Men need ego stroking like women need chocolate. Often and in large doses.

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