Thursday, November 8, 2007

joyce thinks she has big thighs

I mean, honestly, she's the size of a cotton bud. Joyce and I are close, we share the same views on boys, clothes, shoes, handbags, all the vital things in life. She is a style queen, she makes me laugh and the thought of losing touch with her makes me cry. Her hubbie doesn't like her vampy nail polish or her fab smokey eye make up, I tell her she looks like a fox. She is gorgeous, intelligent, kind and funny. She's also a seriously good shopper. I seethe with envy every time she returns from lunch with awesome new clothes, which she gets for the price of one of my pedicures. Yesterday I was lucky enough to be taken on a trip to her fave place on Wing Kut Street in Sheung Wan, to a small stall about half way down on the left. You have to hunt but they have great coats, dresses and tops for around HK$58 - HK$250. To find it look for all the fashiony types hovering around prizing out the great designer inspired pieces. Joyce bought a gorgeous cropped navy jacket with a wrap over collar. I got a teal polo neck for HK$50 and next door snaffled a cosy cardigan which was HK$89. On the way back we stopped off at her favourite bargain jewellery store, KingsiCe Camkang at number 30, it is totally overwhelming, you have to stand back and drink in the necklaces, hair bobbles, earrings and quite a bit of naff stuff. Success again, we purchased three great necklaces and I couldn't resist a hair bobble with a krispy kreme donut on it. Joyce bargained us down to HK$350 for the lot. Joyce you rock x

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