Saturday, May 10, 2014

stylish miami?

I escaped to Miami for some warmth and sleep (ha ha!) a few weeks ago
we stayed at the Delano, which is basically a nightclub with a hilarious pool scene, but the decor is entirely grey and white so I was thrilled
apparently New Yorkers stay at the Standard (very chilled), Soho House or the amazing raved about Raleigh
food at the Delano was great, the Raleigh is a great spot for brunch, lunch and cocktails
for other (non NY branch) restaurants try Michaels Genuine, Gigi's, Mandolin
I wasn't there to party this time, but if you are try FDR at the Delano, Wall or Liv 
to fully embrace south beach pack outrageous bikinis, lots of gold hot pants, tight leopard print and heels like stilts
alternatively...head to an area called Wynwood and soak up the street art and galleries
start at 29th and NW 2nd and head south
grab coffee at Panther Coffee and try Joey's for incredible pizza
enjoy x

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