Monday, October 25, 2010

one for the boys

I've been meaning to post on this shop for ages, I had a great chat with one of the owners ages ago when I popped in, loved their collections, design of the shop, and general style. Great t-shirts, shorts, belts, shirts and all reasonably priced, although definitely for the more stylish men you know, not the boring ones. They do bespoke tailoring too. I do think its important when we make such an effort to look so damn hot, that our men folk follow suit (pardon the pun). I know that most of my ex-boyfriends have come out of our relationship looking 1 billion times better having had me (how do we put this?) re-dress/re-direct their fashion sense! You can do it subtly girls, Christmas presents, the odd wardrobe clear out (when they are at the pub - blame it on the cleaner) or you can just send them to Moustache. They're rumoured to be doing girls stuff soon too. Find them on 31 Aberdeen Street.

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