Friday, October 29, 2010

cuddle in cashmere

Blue skies and no humidity, that's why we love October. The boots are out and so is the cashmere. I met the girls last night for our regular catch up, we snort with laughter (attractive), gossip, and generally put the world to rights. As we hugged goodbye they stroked my soft cashmere cardi, commenting on how gorgeous it was, its my M&S fave. They've got a new one this year, no buttons, just draped (see below), its around HK$1,200, I've worn mine to death so cost per wear makes it very much worth it. If you are too cool for M&S then check out Madeleine Thompson cashmere, I recently wore her cashmere woodstock gillet (see below) and got millions of compliments. You can't get better than that.

Apologies for the rather un-glam shot, you get the idea!

Madeleine Thompson cashmere woodstock gillet

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