Thursday, August 19, 2010

vintage shmintage

Amazing finds at the vintage sale last night, blue lace dress (very Betty Draper), black lace skirt which my girlfriend Clare picked up, 1970s Bellville Sassoon pink maxi dress, 1970s silk print tunic and a gorgeous bronze Ozzie Clark dress which looked incredible on the lovely lady trying it on. Sweet smells wafted around, courtesy of Cochine, and we all went home happy and content that we had done something positively green and environmentally friendly. It got me thinking about my superbly stylish best friend Ginge (not her real name but I have called her that for years, admittedly she is more strawberry blonde, but whatever) and her gorgeous vintage wedding dress which she wore to marry at the local Mairie in Seillans (fyi possibly the most beautiful village in the world in France). Together with her stylist friend Chloe she found the dress pictured above for GBP 75 in Hammersmith Vintage Fair. Bargaintastic. They added brooches, a fabric belt, which matched with the shoes I had made for her in HK, and voila, stunning. So pop along to the vintage sale this weekend, you never know what you might find...

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