Monday, August 23, 2010

racey lacy + win a stylish treat

After the resounding success of the vintage blue lace Betty Draper dress (Vogue London tweeted their approval, you can't get much better than that really) I have been hunting down more of this lacy loveliness. After admiring the navy lace jacket which my trendy friend Clare wears, I have finally found something similar. A lace jacket you cry. Hang on, think about it, its perfect for Hong Kong weather, a little bit of cover, a nod to the blazer trend, can be smart, but still cool, and of course a little bit of ventilation, which is key for these sweat inducing climes. Wear it with denim or silk trousers, black or grey t-shirt or stripes, and add chunky necklaces. I found this one at boutique Aalis, and if you click here to comment on her Facebook page you have a chance to win one of her gorgeous lacy t-shirts (above in grey). Aalis, 2/F, 31 Yiu Wa Street, Causeway Bay. Thanks Aalis, we love your style.

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