Monday, August 16, 2010

arm candy

Once upon a time Ariana Fraval, an Actress from Somerset (who is known as "Noodle" to her close family and friends) made a unique bangle. Fascinated by lettering, newspaper prints and personalised design, she created her first range of bespoke bangles. Her friends began to get bangle envy (a highly contagious disease), and so she began making them for birthdays and as special thank-you presents, until she had created nearly 100 signature bangles. Original Noodle was born. Each vintage fabric trim, which she sources in London and New York, ensures that rarely will there be more than 4-of-a-kind of any design. The bangles have been spotted on the wrists of London's style setters and she now stocks in Paul Smith's new Flagship store in Antwerp and select boutiques around London. Luckily for us Original Noodle can ship worldwide. I love the vintage floral, stripes and ethnic designs.

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