Saturday, July 17, 2010

safari style

Hello little stylish people. I know I haven't been very good at posting, I was getting married and swanning about on H moon. Sorry. It was incredible - check out Vamizi off Mozambique. Heaven. We followed the beach with safari, now I want to really point out here how you should NEVER EVER stop being stylish, even on safari. There is simply no excuse for dressing like something out of a safari guide catalogue in those absolutely vile trousers which have zips below the knee making them into shorts. How practical. Hello? Practical. Sorry but it should be a lock-able-up offence. I was massively impressed by my safari style even if I wore the same trousers for 5 days running. Its not likely that I will ever need more pairs of slouchy khakis is it? So safari style tips from the ss:
- Topshop sandals (cheap enough to ruin and add a little metallic shimmer to the ensemble)
- M&S slouchy khaki things (I know, but I am over 30), roll them up and look 300% cooler than the people in those zipped atrocities
- Colourful vest or Breton top (your injection of colour - the lions love it)
- Patterned scarf (keeps dust away and shelters you from the wind, looks stylish too)
- Cashmere cardi (to keep you warm on the early morning drives)
- Tom Ford shades (Something designer to flash at the rhinos)
- Under no circumstances are you allowed to wear animal print, unless you have a leopard print catsuit and you climb a tree and pose...


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