Wednesday, June 2, 2010

zilla tips - meet miss make up

Have you missed me? Sorry for my enormous lack of posting, I have turned into one of those hideous self obsessed zillas (can't say the word, it is so vile) and recently lost myself in a puff of tulle, excel spreadsheets and tiaras. Anyhow, I do have some handy advice for you, whether you are getting hitched or not, I absolutely recommend you have a lesson with Miss Make Up, Angie Pasley. Lordy she knows her stuff, we started off talking ideas and then we made up half a face each, my right eye was significantly dodgier than her left one, but I am learning, and this morning I am sure I perfected the bronze and blusher sweeps. Brilliant. Angie is in hot demand so make sure you book her up, and if you are very lucky she might take you make up shopping too. It's a whole new world out there...


Cstine said...

Thanks for sharing!
Please check out my blogspot if you're interested in fashion illustrations. I'm based in HK too! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm a fashion student based in Singapore. I will be travelling to HK start August, and would like to ask for recommendations for good shopping streets.

I'm searching for streets/malls which have cheap and fashionable clothing, since i'm still a student. Streets featuring independent HK designers are welcome too! Basically one-off shops with special pieces of clothing.

Thanks! Love your blog.


CindyChuMS said...

hi there, i'm a total shopaholic HK'er, love to shop quality but affordable fashion, accessories, lifestyle funky stuff. You've just come to the right place! I check out Sai Yeung Choi Street in Prince Eward and Mongkok area (local people call it Fa Yuen Street, 花園街) weekly for their latest fashion. It's a pedestrian area with boutique stores on both side of the streets with air cond (Aug in HK is REALLY hot). Can easily spend half a day (or whole day) uncovering the goodies. Hope it helps!
Ambassador of HK, Cindy

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