Wednesday, April 8, 2009

stealing my style

Honestly Mossy you must stop this. She's done it again folks. Remember last time? I thought she'd learnt. This time its the overgrown fringage. Mossy you must be finding it super annoying...have you had a few outbreaks under there? It happens to the best of us, just stay calm and keep it covered. Remember to blow dry the opposite way in the morning and try not to flick it too much during the day. Dry Shampoo works wonders if you have. On another completely different topic, Harvey Nicks HK have now got French Sole pumps in. They only a few styles but they did have some sparkly gold ones. Henrietta or Low Cut are the most flattering styles to go for. I've got hundreds of pumps and French Sole are my faves, they are punchy price wise but they give the right toe cleavage and shape and I wear mine to death so its worth it for price per wear (if anyone actually ever calculates that?!). Mucho love for Easter. I'll be climbing a mountain in Kota Kinabalu in heavy rainfall. Not exactly glam or remotely appropriate for a secretstylist. I'll make sure I wear foxy undies.

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