Thursday, March 5, 2009

light up light up

Its like mordor outside, the world is collapsing no one can decide on their 7's costumes. The panic is palpable. We must think of summer and adorn ourselves with fun and flirtatious jewellery from Anna Lou of London. I met the lovely lady at a private sale last night, hosted by a few HK glamour pusses. Her designs are bold, bright and won't suit shy and retiring types. I love the pendants, I bought a pink one with a dragon fly on it and some enormous flowery earrings. They are perfect gifts for girlfriends and ideal for adding a bit of fun to your Monday morning bluuuurgh work outfit. She's taking over the world with her Topshop concession and all this began from an ickle Portobello market stall. I'm trying to convince her to organise another sale. Watch this space...

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Phuong said...

Yes please! gorgeous stuff.

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