Thursday, March 12, 2009

DVD me up

Good old DVF, or DVD as my darling Welshman refers to her. She's gone and promised us 90% off, what a billy bargain! Nobody's going to miss you in this Wonder Woman number strutting along Queen's Road Central. I love this one, add gold shoes, a little clutch and you have the perfect summer wedding outfit. Get down there tomorrow and snap yourself up a dress or two.


Anonymous said...

DVD'd Up and it went a little like this:
Friday Am: Receive Secret Stylist alert.
11am - Plan with military precision exit from office for lunchtime spree.
1.25pm - Arrive at Times Square with my DVF addict friend in tow.
1.35pm - After a queue for the lift(!) we arrive in the utter chaos that is the Bazaar.
1.45pm - We are on a time budget as much as a cash budget so we sweep the floor in record time and join the trying on queue. I'd recommend you don sensible underwear then you can strip down wherever you choose thus avoiding the changing room chaos.
2.15pm - After trying on a variety of spectacular numbers we join the payment queue. One gorgeous A line, V neck in red. One multi coloured bandau maxi dress. One winter cowl necked cream dress that come winter I know I'll be glad I invested in.
3.15pm - Leave Times Square.
Moral of the story: It was worth every second as we picked up 3 fabulous dresses between us at 65% off.
Tips: Take Cash because the cash queue is practically non existent.
Fabulous DVF. Fabulous Secret Stylist.

secret stylist said...

LOVE it! So happy for you and if you are who I think you are I will be borrowing said dresses!! xxx

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