Monday, January 5, 2009

what is gold, superbly comfortable and a bit sheep like?

Oh my lord it is January and a Monday, possibly the most depressing day on earth. No one is eating, drinking, shopping or spending any money. The world is about to implode, but hang on, check out these beauties!! UGGS are the most amazing things on earth, I don't care if they are cool or not cool or if Kate wears them to the pub or to the loo. They are the closest you get to walking around in your duvet. Amazing. They remind me of babies prams that you want to climb into when you are hungover. And they have them in metallic GOLD! I might just explode. The 09 budget can start in February.


Nicky said...

I couldn't agree more. Uggs are a wardrobe staple and I couldn't care less whether men find them unsexy or work thinks they're scruffy, they are the winter equivilant of flip flops and I will wear them for ever and a day! (I just wish the US$ rate was more favourable and I could be NYC-bound to stock up like I did it 2008. Sob. UK prices are ridiculous.) MWAH MWAH xx

joannacremin said...

ha ha - I'm so glad someone else has the same thought about kids buggies when they are hungover!

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