Friday, December 19, 2008

christmas desires

I have left it to the last minute to work out what I want for Christmas. The note on my phone says black Mary Janes or a vintage watch but at the moment I am trying to work out whether I would prefer a little puppy or a part time baby with blue eyes called Betty. It is a tough call. It may be easier to receive earrings as they always glam up an outfit and are a current obsession of mine since I got my ears pierced in the summer (yes, for the first time). I love a bit of Astley Clarke action, the net-a-porter of the jewellery world, they stock divine designers and they make it oh so easy for the boy to pop on and enter his credit card details. Another fave who is currently being raved about in the press is Alex Monroe, famous for the bee necklace as worn by my glam, busty friend Rhoda. My faves are Philippa Holland Butterfly earrings at Astley Clarke and Beaded Sunblossom Leaf Hoops by Alex Monroe.

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momo said...

Cashmere is not like what it used to be..lot of lints come out after each wear...any good tips?

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