Tuesday, December 23, 2008

cashmere queen

We can still afford cashmere, thanks to those lovely Japanese people at Uniqlo. We need to feel cosy and luxurious at this time of year and nothing does it like a cashmere polo or cardi. I've heard people raving about Uniqlo for ages but only popped by yesterday to find all their cashmere jumpers in the sale for HK$499. Dark purple, grey and black are the best to go for. Light pink and powder blue appeal to my girlie side but remind me a little of the twinset and pearls crowd, so if you purchased you'd have to rip up your jeans, insert a nose stud or wear a lot of leather to toughen it up. Check the men's section too as the boy bought a gorgeous black zip top number which makes him look even more like Clive Owen in Closer. Delicious. Have a cashmeretastic Christmas xxxx

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