Tuesday, November 18, 2008

playing dressing up

Remember when you raided your Mother's wardrobe to steal her boob tube to wear as a skirt? Or was that just me... I remember it so clearly. Now I am nearly a grown up, the closest you get to this level of excitement is dressing up for weddings. I just love it. I get so into the outfit decisions, the matchy matchy, the pedicures, the hair do. It is a great excuse to make a real effort because it's someones special day and if I were them I would want my audience to rock just as much as I did. At a recent wedding in HK I hadn't actually decided on a dressing up theme but it ended up slightly Great Gatsby, 1920's style. I think it was the headband and feathers. I do love that era, the drop waist bands, the long pearl necklaces and the divine Mary Jane shoes. The boy thought this was an attempt to echo the current economic situation and it's similarity to the Great Depression. Bless. It's nice he thinks I actually know about these things. Another fab wedding and I ended up looking like Alice in Wonderland, not really the desired effect but, hey, let's go with it. Dressing in a theme is so much fun, it's almost fancy dress but you are allowed to look hot. I love it. This week I am going do The Edge of Love, all tea dresses and cardi's. Search the Pedder Building by Shanghai Tang for great treasure trove shops. The best tea dresses are from Topshop, Whistles or vintage stores. For the best mary jane shoes head to Manolo Blahnik. I am guessing you won't attempt Alice in Wonderland.

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