Saturday, November 15, 2008

kate moss topshop arrives

Well she's here and gosh she is pricey! Even Vogue picked up on the drama of it all. You have to take your hat off to the girl from Croydon who can now command HK$3,700 for essentially a Topshop made dress in Lane Crawford, the classiest department store in Asia. I have to admit I fell for the collection and forgot the exchange rate and all this boring credit crunch chat and purchased a tea dress, which every other blonde on Wyndham Street will probably be wearing tonight! Ha ha. Oh well, when you have been starved of Topshop for so long things start affecting your brain. I called my shopaholic friend (not to be named as her boyfriend will flip - he loves the credit crunch chat) and she said that really, when alls said and done, it is only GBP15 more per item and you would pay that in post and packaging to your mum, who would then send it out at another cost and so really its worth it. So there. Head to Pacific Place and see the collection for yourself, there are still a lot of items left (I'm dreaming of the ridiculously short black dress with beading on the neckline) and see what you think...

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Clementine said...

Oooh luce, go for the furry dress- it's like kate raided courtney love's 90s wardrobe... Go on, I dare you! Love love love this
blog x

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