Monday, September 8, 2008

six seasonal lessons

It may well be 30 odd degrees in Honkers and winter seems a decade away but I can't help getting excited about the autumn seasons shopping basket! There are some yummy items around, but despite what Vogue says I refuse to wear tartan, it's just too Rod Stewart. If I were you I'd stick to purples, pinks and greys. So lesson 1 - purchase a bright pink belt, to nip and tuck simple tops, shirts, cardi's and make them ten times more exciting. Lesson 2 - do the big pussy bow blouse, but buy a v-neck style so it nestles in your cleavage rather than strangling you (Mango has some great ones, see left). Lesson 3 - purple boots, is it just me or are these just the sexiest things in the world? The boy doesn't think so but remember he thought DVF was called DVD. Honestly. Onpedder has some amazing ones in the window but if you can't handle the price tag head to M&S for their Autograph version at GBP 49.50. Lesson 4 - oh the irony, just as I slim my thighs down they bring out wide leg jeans, how hum. The best pair are called Ginger at 7 for all mankind or try Mango for a HK$515 pair. Lesson 5 - a leather jacket, cute vintage styles can be found at Kookai, super soft pricier versions in gorgeous colours at Zadig & Voltaire and very small ones (warning you must have no boobs!) at Magic Wardrobe (see previous posts for details). Lesson 6 - last but not least boyfriend cardigan's, as the name suggests, slouchy, over-sized and in warm, cosy fabrics. Zadig & Soltaire have delicious ones but for cheaper versions try convincing a friend to buy you a light grey version from Gap in Tokyo or Singapore. Lessons over, you're set for the season honey! Let's all sit at home with the air con turned up high, loving our new purchases.

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