Friday, September 19, 2008

"the economy is going to explode.. we can't go around buying organic carrots" says The Boy during a recent supermarket venture. My lord. Whatever next. I, on the other hand can't stop shopping, I am spending an unhealthy amount of time at the tailors and am somehow justifying it with the reasoning that, I, single-handedly, am keeping the economy afloat. I learnt a new phrase there this week. Lydia and I speak mostly in sign language regarding nips and tucks in clothing and with her attempt at English and my feeble Cantonese we get by. This week we were nipping in the new lace dress I bought in Sixty Six, Marylebone High Street. It's very of the moment and Prada esque, with a purple lace over a dark slate grey slip, yummy. Lydia called it "babai" which is better than "ho langer" (beautiful), it means stunning, which we got to after a lot of gestures and confusing descriptions of how brides look on their wedding days (by me). I plan to use it again, when I remember how to pronounce it, but isn't it exciting that you learn a new thing everyday? Lydia, 3/F, Yuen Yick Building, Wellington Street (almost opposite Yung Kee), Central, Hong Kong. It is best to call for an apppointment first, (852) 2522 5788.

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