Wednesday, January 9, 2008

in search of clothes to go "ommm" in

Happy New Year! I am not even going to discuss the January sales, or shopping in them, it is just not worth it in my opinion, what you save in discount you gain in wrinkles and items look and feel so much more special hung up on a nice colour co-ordinated rail rather than in amongst 70 million other pieces with 48 thousand nutters swarming around ready to beat you up for the next size 10 cardi (of course I am speaking of London!). Moving swiftly on, it's January, and it's time to go to a yoga retreat. Terrified? yes, am I going to have to eat cabbage? probably. My only way of dealing with the impending world of bendyness is to find something gorgeous to wear. I always think if you look the part, you play the part, it worked with my tennis kit. Problem is, I can't find any yoga gear for under HK$500 in Hong Kong, why oh why is it so pricey? Am I going to have to resort to M&S secret support tops and manky leggings? Any ideas?

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