Tuesday, December 11, 2007

santa who?

Is it just me or does everyone go out shopping with the best intentions of getting a lovely little smelly for auntie blah blah and whoops..accidentally buying yourself a new pair of shoes, some ridiculously expensive earrings and a brooch? Well I say a few small purchases never hurt anyone. Take Giordano for instance. Buy Darling Daddy a smart navy scarf for HK$150 and then pick yourself up a little long sleeve "dull as dishwater but wear it constantly" tee in grey, black or cream for HK$100. Then pop over to JDC (bottom of LKF near Kosmo) and get trendy sister/friend/aunt in mid life crisis an uber cool necklace for HK$198 and whoopsadaisy in goes a sparkly brooch for you at HK$98. Bingo, shopping done and you are a happy little camper.

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