Tuesday, October 30, 2007


...didn't massively float my boat. It was empty when I went, OK, it was a Monday but remember the fuss over H&M? To be fair, they do have a few great pieces, one being a fabulous black shift dress with stretch in it (which you know you would wear for donkeys years) but with a price tag of HK$2,300 I started thinking..."oooohh an extra sofa, oooohhh a night in the Pen (Peninsula, darling) in Bangkok". Maybe the extra money they are charging goes into the hyper organised, folded, tissue papered displays and the strictly one inch apart, colour coded rails? If you do venture to Times Square make sure you check out the vibrant shots of red dresses in the collection, you also can't go wrong with a piece of knitwear from them. For god's sake wait until the sale though, they often knock off over 50% which means you don't have to eat baked beans for the rest of the month.

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