Thursday, October 4, 2007

junk couture

It's tough being a girl on a junk. You have to look hot but without trying too hard. You have to do water sports but still look hot AND you have to be glam enough to go from junk to party. Or party on the junk. Well I've found a solution to this seasonal problem. For the perfect junk dress pop into Lan Kwai Fong, opposite Bulldogs, and on the 3rd floor you'll find Ozzie Cozzie Co. Gorgeous and very flattering halterneck style jersey dresses, in an array of colours. Slip over knickers or your bikini for instant glamour aboard. Add chunky bracelets or a bright necklace for when you need to party. It's not cheap (HK$750) but the cut is great, the fabric is good quality and the bra cups do something fabulous to my nearing 30 bosom.

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