Thursday, December 4, 2014

stylish boys clothes

My little man just turned two…eeeeeek!!! I was chatting to a (cool :)) Mum at toddler group the other week, she's just had a baby boy and is struggling for non-naff clothes…so I made a list…

(and yes I totally know its bonkers to spend loads so I buy in sales or buy larger sizes) 

zara for leggings and shirts (etsy can throw up some great leggings too) 
h&m for skinny trousers (especially with suspenders), shorts and basic tops
gap for basic plain tops, sweatshirts
 little titans for great tights (buy big and they last two winters)
I love cyrillus 
la coqueta kids for an old fashioned look (their navy coat is gorgeous) and cute shoes
hambro & miller for the most amazing knitwear
j crew warm puffy jackets
krochet kids hats for a good cause
billie blooms bloomers
the little white company for pjs, sleeping bags, knitwear, dungarees, hats
sun-san sandals for summer or bensimon or toms 
cos can be great and is opening in new york
egg for seersucker summer shorts 
minnetonka for the cutest booties 
some other brands to look at: rylee and cru | whistle and flute | seed | of one sea 

also check these blogs for inspiration: little spree | mini style blog 

*image via bodie & fou 

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