Wednesday, April 4, 2012

seeking stylish places to stay

It seemed fairly easy to find cool places to stay around Asia. America is proving tougher. I've seen a lot of naffness and crazy prices. I normally search blogs or sites such as iescape and Mr & Mrs Smith, but I just stumbled upon this site called Boutique Homes which has chic homes, quirky cabins and small hotels with heaps of character. They feature places all over the globe. I could have posted a million more photos but you get the idea...amazing...problem solved.


Payne said...

Babe - this was really useful for NZ places to stay and we have booked our gorgeous villa in NE Corfu for the summer from this website too. Maybe worth a look? It does North America and Carribean but not sure where else they cover your side of the pond! X

secretstylist said...

thanks honey, I'll check it out xxxx

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