Friday, January 13, 2012

where to find...thrift chic

Saving money. Not something that comes naturally to me, but recently I have embraced the thrift world. The fleas, the seconds stores, consignment, items posing as vintage, pre-loved.....yep all of it. And I love it. Why?

1) Designer goodies can be discovered for a quarter of the price
2) You find things you saw donkeys ago and never bought (or they sold out)
3) You won't rock up to a party/wedding/bar in Zara like every other person on the planet
4) Its good for the environment
5) You feel smug afterwards

So here is where to go....

New York - there are a gazillion places and I don't profess to know all of them...but I like...

Second Time Around - Always great (see pink dress below), I saw a stunning Dior jacket in 7th Avenue and a very pretty Tibi dress in Thompson St / Mott St / Upper East Side
INA - I saw a stunning DKNY leather laser-cut dress for USD 125 (looked like it was worth USD 1000) in their Thompson St branch
Housing Works - I like the one on West 10th Street but others are meant to be great too, especially for furniture
Williamsburg Flea - I have seen furry coats for USD 60, bought a gorgeous cocktail stand for USD 30 and a vintage looking rocking chair for USD 50...ahhhh love it, it reopens in April

London - my favourites are...

Mary's Living & Giving Shops for Save the Children - these are brilliant because the trash has been removed and you often get designers lending items, head to Primrose Hill and Westbourne Grove

Hong Kong - a rarity but...

The Oxfam Shop under Jardine House can be a treasure trove of Tai tai cast-offs!

There has been a mixed reaction to this bag but come summer I reckon everyone will love it. It is a beautiful jade green with gold piping and the gold shell-style clasp is too pretty. Zoe Knight unfortunately no longer designs, she is however, one half of stylish boutique Wolf & Badger in London. I found this bag in Mary's Living & Giving shop in Primrose Hill. They have amazing stuff. I nearly bought a vintage pram there I loved it so much. Mental.

This gorgeous (fake) fur gilet (or as they say here - vest) was GBP 40, from JK clothing in Cranleigh, in deepest darkest Surrey

This dress is by Milly, I bought it at Second Time Around (UES) for USD 99, it was originally USD 400. The pic doesn't do it justice but the colour, shape and V back are ideal look for SS12

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