Tuesday, January 10, 2012

new year's resolution...wear more hats

One very nice thing about living in New York is that no one really cares what you wear, they won't blink if you rock a tutu on a Monday afternoon and they certainly won't think you are a poser if you wear a hat (unlike my adorable p*ss-taking UK friends). I adore hats. They are perfect for hiding under when you are hungover, and they make a simple outfit suddenly more interesting. There are some great bargains to be had in the sale so why not try one out...

From left to right...
Blue hat from Matches, in the sale for GBP 94, free delivery worldwide until 16 Jan
Navy hat from Zara, also in the sale 119HKD (roughly GBP 9), a billy bargain
Browny/grey 70s style from Rag & Bone, 75 USD in the sale
Claret (very winter 2012) trilby from Topshop, now GBP 12 in the sale
Camel outback hat from the loveliest East Village store, Pork Pie Hatters, 60 USD
Classic black fedora from Rag & Bone again, 150 USD

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Fashion Hour said...

There's no other word to describe this hat and you than : beautiful.

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