Thursday, October 13, 2011

new york: upper east side treasure

I have actually been loving living temporarily on the Upper East Side. If you dodge the plastic surgery then its actually a really nice area to wander and I have found some great places for lunch, coffee, pedi/manis and a fair few good shops (which I will soon add to the New York Guide tab above). One of those, which I dragged my West Village addict to, was jewellery treasure trove Jennifer Miller (70th-71st and Lex). Well priced, sparkly or colourful, with a million styles available, this place is worth a trip uptown. We were hunting for her wedding rehearsal dinner earrings - a serious mission.

These are the front runner, they look totally stunning on

These are second choice, along with some vintage ones we found

I love these, they come in pearl, grey and turquoise too

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