Thursday, April 7, 2011

hong kong style: the best way to do colour

I am loving the colour movement. The brights in the shops rock right now. As usual Zara has nailed it, with eye-popping blue dresses, pinks, oranges, dusky pink and fuchsias. Nothing says colour better than a jean or trouser though. Reserved for the brave, the savvy wearer knows that colour blocking works and they don't mind being likened to a zoom ice lolly. So join them, yes you can add a neutral colour / grey top / navy blazer, but don't chicken out. Do it while you can, we will be back to dull and dreary minimal before you know it.

Red jeans by Acquaverde, from Rue Madame, they have them in light pink (ideal for Hong Kong summer) and teal too (this colour has sold out but more stock is coming soon...)

Blush coloured jeans by Rag & Bone, from Net-A-Porter

Bright pink skinny trousers, love them, by Zara

And in blue, they do jeans too, by Zara

Can't face those options? I love this dress, seems everyone else did too as it has virtually sold out, if you see it, buy it, Zara

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