Tuesday, January 18, 2011

healthy hong kong

If, like me, you fell off the wagon this weekend you might appreciate a little reminder on the benefits of healthy living (well, at least for January). I don't normally preach on this blog but we all know looking good and feeling good are intrinsically linked, and I am totally into nutrition, yoga and all that stuff. Christina is too, she runs Woodwellbeing (more info below) and suggested the following 5 tips to keep us all on the straight and narrow in week 3 of the year...

1) Aim for 6-8 hours sleep per night; getting to bed by 10pm enhances physical repair
2) Eating small portions, regularly, will burn more fat than missing meals.  Never skip meals, make a balanced breakfast a priority
3) Best way to burn fat is to combine your cardio training with resistance (weight) training, this will keep your metabolism higher for longer
4) Before you reach for caffeine, always drink two glasses of water, often tiredness comes from dehydration
5) Focusing on what you can control, not what is out of your control, will help manage pressure

Christina, well, she looks pretty healthy, I like the hat too, plus she sells a fab range of bikinis...

Woodwellbeing provides a comprehensive health 360, to  help you increase your energy, strength, balance and flexibility. Whether  it’s from  the comfort of your own home, gym or work space Woodwellbeing can  fit in around your schedule.  Woodwellbeing can tailor programs specific to your needs:
Individual or group Anusara based yoga instruction
Energy enhancement as well as relaxation, through breathing techniques
Nutrition advice according to your metabolic type
Sleep and stress management

Email Christina for more information christina@woodwellbeing.com or 95205364.

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