Thursday, October 7, 2010

hair + style

The gorgeous Shayne at Salon Chandler colours my hair, transforming me from an Eastenders extra to a stylish blonde. We have great chats about Hong Kong life, our travels etc and he's always pretty honest. His last comment when I exclaimed, post foil, that it looked sooooooo much better, was "well it couldn't have got much worse". Thanks for clarifying that. Anyway, naughty Shayne has made our hair salon appointments just that little bit more exciting with the addition of gorgeous one-off jewels from Jaipur, hand picked by the man himself, rings, bracelets and necklaces to die for in silver with semi-precious stones (from HK$1200). He has also found the softest Pashminas, perfect for cooler evenings or cosying up on long flights (from HK$2600), and we all know Hong Kongers love their winter sun and so he's stocked some glam kaftans from One Season in Australia too (from HK$700). Check them out...

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