Thursday, September 2, 2010

S.Nine arrives from New York

Valerie Dress

Victoria Jacket

Katianna Dress

Lauren Dress (black zip reversible)

Once upon a time there was a girl called S. S was interning with a giant, global, clothing label. One day she turned up wearing her own design. The big label loved it. S gave them the design and it sold all over the world. S thought "mmmmmm" and decided to do her own thing. She created S.Nine ( / Facebook). It is perfect office to party gear. I love the reversible dress, the cropped jacket, the lace top dress and the navy number. Stocked in New York boutiques, the entire collection landed in Hong Kong this week at Fang Fong (Peel St, Soho), pop there or buy online (a selection of pieces) at Gizzy & Nacho. Prices range from HK$ 1500 - HK$ 3000.

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