Monday, December 7, 2009

is vintage a load of old pants?

I used to think so. I also thought you had to be super cool to carry it off but that is just a load of tosh. Finding the good stuff is the key to looking good...
Hong Kong Honey - I stumbled upon a very hidden 70s vintage store in HK last week called Bang!Bang! (great name) which moved island side last month from TST (where it was based for years). They stock everything, from flares and furniture to cool clutches and amazing print dresses. 1/F, 16A Aberdeen Street, 9045 8006/9233 1225.
Loving London - On my last trip back I was delighted to discover a new, and very cool shop near my hairdressers Hari's, its called D&Me and has the best sign I have ever seen in a shop, it says "Your husband called and said treat yourself" or something along those lines. Anyway it worked and I bought some amazing earrings. They have beautiful sparkly vintage pieces, very 1920s and some great off-the-wall designer clothes. The shop assistants are gorgeous, of course, but also very friendly. 309 Brompton Road, SW3 2DY, +44 207 589 2684.
I can't cope with smelly shops - If you just can't deal with vintage stores then snuggle up on the sofa and browse these fabulous is the luxury vintage site which stocks items you dream about finding in your granny's closet. Lady Pearls is an "online treasure chest" full of well priced goodies. Vintage Secret was born out of frustration with "overpriced nylon and moth ball nightmares" and the desire "to showcase only the best one-off vintage finds". Also try Net-A-Porter for their One Vintage stock which seems to fly off the site as soon as it lands. Finally, if you want to blag your way into the world of vintage cool then become an avid reader of Queens of Vintage.

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