Wednesday, October 28, 2009

pert in pooooket

I know its getting chilly and you are excited about wearing your new booties, but don’t even try to pretend you don’t have a little winter break planned to Pooooket. I promised you on twitter that there is a superbly stylish new swimwear brand in HK. Designed and made by a lovely girl called Bridie, who is a very competitive Trivial Pursuits player. Kiribati is already stocked in Heidi Klein and if you don’t know how cool that is you shouldn’t even be reading this blog. Joke. I have seen the beauties in the flesh, so to speak, and they are made in gorgeous Italian fabrics which don’t shrink, go manky or sag. Perfect for making your pert baps & behinds perter. To purchase check out her site or email, they cost around HKD$1710 - HKD$2215 and can be delivered around the world.

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