Thursday, June 4, 2009


I know I've been an awful, useless blogger recently. I saw this and it inspired me to post today. If lovely Susie style bubble can get into The Times then darling so will I, even if it ends up being when I am 84 (when I know, although droopy, I will still love fashion just like my dear Granny does...she has a metallic handbag you know...). So its getting hot in Honky Tonk. I've had to use a hideous amount of fake tan (St Tropez everyday or moose fyi) and my legs are still a manky shade of pale. We need to start looking svelte for the lazy days at the pool, we need shorts like those adorned by Kate Moss, we need seriously expensive swimwear and we need colour. So, head to Sabina Swims for crunch friendly but expensively looking bikinis and swimsuits. Go to our trusty (but never crusty) fave Zara for short short short denim shorts and bright sky blue kaftan style shirts to team with bright pinky red scarves. And get naked. Now.

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