Sunday, June 28, 2009

guilt free swapping

keys in the bowl...not really...would be fun though? Ok maybe not. I'm in the UK, well Wales to be exact. It is actually quite nice in Wales, I'm sinking gallons of tea and have just had breakfast outside in the garden, how divine. I'd rather be smashing it up at Glasto of course. Anyhow...I had to exit the garden to let you know about this fab swap shop party taking place next week in Honkers at Il Padrino (just off LKF) on Thursday 2 July at 7pm. The idea is to come along with up to 4 items, in good condition (they will be vetted) and take the opportunity to swap your old clothes for new ones, whilst drinking wine and chatting with friends. You must have some bobby dazzlers in the back of the wardrobe that you never quite wore. Well here's the chance to swap them for something new without the guilt and credit card dramas. It's only $100 on the door which includes one free drink and tasty snacks. Josie is the brains and the beauty behind this idea and you can contact her on 65070732 or Watch out for the article in the SCMP tomorrow. Mucho love from the valleys, I'm off to get another cuppa.

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