Thursday, January 22, 2009

we love a bit of scarf

Today we are worshipping the scarf. It gets the award for the most simple but effective accessory. My favourites are animal print, they've been around for a while but they never fail to excite an outfit and are still in strong demand. My poor girlfriend had her Zara leopard print number stolen from the bar at Typhoons. That well known fashionista haunt. A scarf is perfect for making a boring black outfit stand out, a white t-shirt sparkle and it covers all sorts of problems - cold nipples, a hickie and when my colleague Hannah shouts at a client it covers up her raging red anger rash. The best places in HK to purchase are the lanes, Lola & Syd sales, Zara and sometimes good old M&S. We have the perfect weather for them now and in these budget times a new one won't break the bank.

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