Thursday, December 4, 2008

loving lola & syd

The bird behind this super cute label works in a big scary bank. She's a frustrated fashionista with a head buzzing with handbags, shoes and glam dresses. The big scary bank worry about her dress sense. One day she popped on some leggings and a "sort of long sheer cami top with a long cardi over the top" her boss wasn't impressed and screamed that it was "the most outrageous, slutty outfit he had ever seen in an office" and proceeded to christen it the "drop" - it's not a dress, it's not a top - it's a "drop". Brilliant. Anyway back to point, which is that the Lola & Syd sale rocked with foxy clutches, eye popping colourful pumps, soft and sensual animal print scarves, jewels, belts and more, for very reasonable prices. If you missed out then little miss "drop" can bring her Lola & Syd goodies to you, in your office, for a lunchtime trunk if you're keen and one day Lola & Syd will be so successful that the scary big bank boss will have to eat his words when he has to ask miss "drop" for a job in the finance dept.

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