Tuesday, November 25, 2008

more glamour in gavin & stacey

I saw the latest Bond at the weekend and I am sorry, but a) Daniel Craig is not hot or funny b) the Bond girls outfits were rubbish and c) there was not enough romance. Daniel fails to deliver the cheesy lines we so love to hate, the lines that slipped off the tongue for Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan. They are real men, dark, brooding and yet dapper all at the same time. Daniel's trousers were too short, he couldn't even rock aviators (which make even slightly ming people look attractive) and he's just a bit....how do we say it...rough. As for the Bond girls, poor old Olga's top didn't fit properly and most of her outfits were just too ordinary. Gemma was dressed in a flasher coat and some manky boots which looked like they had been through wash. As for the romance, well it's hardly surprising is it? Bond girls used to be so glam, so unreachable, so amazingly beautiful you didn't think they really existed...bring back Honor Blackman. She is a real fox! Ask Roger what he thinks, he's in HK this week, having drinks on Thursday at M at the Fringe from 5.30pm, and signing his book at Dymocks IFC on Saturday at 2.30pm.

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