Thursday, September 13, 2007


Remember the feeling you used to get in sweet shops? Mother giving you 10p, and within seconds you are delving into plastic tubs filled with Rhubarb and Custard, Lemon Sherberts and Dip Dabs....mmm. Of course, now we are grown up, sophistictaed and classy. Our Cola Bottles are Manolo's and our Liquorice Wheels get re-heeled after big nights out. Our sweet shops are now shoe shops, and my god I know some good ones in HK to satisfy a variety of cravings. If you want high quality, designer looking (if you get my meaning) and made to fit, check out LII LII Couture in Admiralty Centre (+852 2136 9739). Alan Chan knocks up pairs pretty sharpish (2/3 days is the record) and they last, mine have battled many a dancefloor and survived. If your heart desires more of a 10p-style fix then go to Vickie's, 3 Queen Victoria Street in Central (+852 2525 6402). A friend found this little haven of colourful pumps and LK Bennett type sling backs. Prices range from HK$250 - 500, meaning you can, of course, buy every colour. Enjoy!

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