Monday, June 18, 2007

five course clothing

Finding myself tucking into a five course dinner on Saturday night for a friend's birthday I rejoiced with my fellow female diners about this smock crazy fashion moment. It is quite honestly the best thing that's ever happened to a girl like me. A girl who loves her food. While most boyfriends don't love the look, unless there is a short skirt underneath or a hint of cleavage prior to a billow of fabric, this volume tastic stuff gives us the freedom to eat starters, mains and dessert and not have to hold our tummy's in. So....we are not just comfortable, but we look great, especially in those 3am photos, which inevitably end up on facebook for all your school friends from 1908 to see. Topshop, of course, has some yummy smock tops in pretty floral designs which look great with jeans and shorts, and provide a refreshing break from vest tops and t-shirts.

Banoffi Pie with full fat cream? Yes please, I'll have two. Volume rocks.

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Nicky Guymer said...

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